fredag 10 juli 2009

Thanks to Mr Andy Platt and Jakob Frank

After long waiting for our new springer, he finally arrived. Our good friend Jakob Frank of Kennel Lowflyer took our little rascall ``Andy-Pandy´´ over from Scottland.

So we drove over to Germany and picked him up.

During holiday we visited Jakob and I took some photos of some of his dogs. The most hardgoing and stylish one was out of question his little bitch FTCH Rosebay Caprice af Lowflyer. Handled with care by Jakob himself.

Mr Andy Platt, thank you VERY MUCH for the springer dog, hes is really something xtra special we think. Only one small tiny problem, Carin has bought him, but I want him.

Well well, once we start to shoot over him, we´ll see who he will hang on to!!???

Better not let me wife practise to much shooting.......

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